Glaucoma FAQs

Once glaucoma causes sight loss, patients can't get that sight back. That's why early detection by an eye doctor is so important. When you need an ophthalmologist near me, call our office to see our ophthalmologist in Chapel Hill, NC for an appointment. Don't miss an annual eye exam, as this can allow glaucoma to progress unchecked, causing you to lose more vision. 

Glaucoma FAQs

Why Do You Need Early Detection?

As a very serious eye disease, glaucoma is a problem that can cause a lot of problems with a patient's vision. Glaucoma can cause a patient to lose a significant amount of their vision or even to lose it all and become blind. When this eye disease is present, it's essential for it to be found as quickly as possible so that it can be treated. There is glaucoma treatment that is available once it's been diagnosed, and this can slow or stop it from continuing its progression.

What Is the Cause of Glaucoma?

Damage to the optic nerve is what causes glaucoma. The optic nerve is found at the back of the eye. It takes the images that you see up to the brain for interpretation. When this nerve is damaged, it interferes with communication with the brain. When the optic nerve is damaged, it's generally caused by the internal pressure of the eye being too high. There is a thick fluid inside the eyes, and this has to be kept at a healthy volume and pressure for the health of the eyes. When the pressure gets too high, it puts pressure on the nerve, which becomes damaged. You need to have your eyes checked for high eye pressure every year by the ophthalmologist.

How Does Eye Pressure Get Too High?

When the eye has too much fluid inside it, this may have a few causes behind it. The body can make too much of this fluid, which can cause the pressure to be too high. The eye may also not drain the fluid properly, leading to too much of it in the eye. 

Who Gets Glaucoma?

There are a lot of risk factors for glaucoma. Being over 60 is one of them, but any patient of any age can develop it. If you have a history of it in your family, you have more risk of glaucoma. If you have certain health problems, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, this raises your risk. Your risk is also higher if you have a high degree of either nearsightedness or farsightedness. 

See an Ophthalmologist Near Me

When you need glaucoma testing or treatment, call our ophthalmologist in Chapel Hill, NC, at 919-942-8701 to schedule an appointment with the eye doctor. 


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