Dry Eyes Symptoms

Dry Eyes Symptoms and Eye Care from an Ophthalmologist

A dry eye is a common condition that can present with several symptoms. These include gritty, scratchy, and itchy sensations in the eyes; watery or teary eyes; redness; and blurred vision. Fortunately, Dr. John Wood and Dr. David Haas of Chapel Hill Ophthalmology in Chapel Hill, NC, have the solutions to treat your dry eyes. 

Many Patients Report Eye Redness to Our Eye Doctor

Tears are composed of multiple layers that shield the eye's front surface (cornea). If tears evaporate too quickly or do not spread evenly across the cornea, it can cause redness and discomfort.

Unfortunately, your contact lens can cause redness and dryness of your eyes by reducing the amount of oxygen that reaches your eye's cornea and disrupting the layers that shield the cornea. It may a good idea to get a special contact lens for dry eyes or wear glasses instead.

However, if you notice redness in your eyes, accompanied by discharge, this can indicate an  infection that may be able to be helped by an ophthalmologist in Chapel Hill NC.

If you are having an eye emergency, call Chapel Hill Ophthalmology for emergency eye care from an “ophthalmologist near me.”

Ophthalmologist Often Cite Watery Eyes as a Symptom

Though it may seem counterintuitive, watery eyes can be a sign of dry eye. When your glands produce more tears than the eyelids can handle, your body sends out an extra burst of lubricating tears to try and maintain moisture in your eyes. 

If you're experiencing watery eyes, an eye doctor on our team can help.

Dry Eyes Can Cause Itching

Itching is also a symptom of dry eye syndrome. This occurs when your tear ducts fail to produce enough fluid throughout the day, leaving your eyes dry and itchy.

Many factors can cause your eyes to produce fewer tears than usual, including aging and medical conditions. Additionally, certain medications may disrupt tear production.

Some Report Blurred Vision to Their Eye Doctor

Blurred vision is one of the dry eye symptoms caused by dry eye syndrome. This can be due to problems with your tear glands, medications, medical conditions, or dry air.

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