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I have just had two cataract surgeries, one on each eye. What had initially been a dread – at least for me – had turned out to be a painless experience. And I’d like to share it with you.

At the mention of the need for cataract surgery – for both eyes – I was initially filled with trepidation, in spite of being assured that this kind of surgery is routine, and the risks are few, and its being done on thousands annually.

I knew I had no other choice but to have it done, since one of my remaining joys in my life as a retiree is reading, and this problem with blurry, double-visioned, unfocussed eyes was preventing me from pursuing that joy.

The only issues are two and two only – the choice of the doctor who should perform the operation and the ‘unnatural lenses’ - which have come to be known to me now as IOLs  - that I should choose.

Fortunately, the choice of a doctor to perform the surgery is a no-brainer for me, since I have been going to Chapel Hill Ophthalmology for decades, and Dr. Wood has been my ophthalmologist for well over twenty years.

It’s the many IOLs that are available that have made the decision harder. The monofocals, multifocals, Tecnis Symfony, Crystalens, toric, etc., those were terms that I was not familiar with, but in order to make a decision, terms I had to learn and understand. So off to the websites I went, but instead of leading me to the right path, the sites were just a mumbo jumbo of information that I couldn’t distill into a decision. Fortunately, with the help of Dr. Wood and the wonderful staff at Chapel Hill Ophthalmology, I finally decided to go with the Symfony lenses.  I’m glad I did.

There is perhaps no such thing as a perfect IOL, but I’m glad I chose the Symfony lens and that my surgeries were done by Dr. Wood. The combination of the lens and his skills has now allowed me to be free of eye glasses (except for reading those small letters, for which I need reading glasses), my inconveniences for the past fifty-five years. Yes, I can read, watch TV, drive (day and night) without the need for glasses.

I know I might have written this testimonial too soon, since I have had my surgeries for about four weeks only and much might still change before my eye-sight completely stabilizes, but I thought I should get this out asap to thank those staff members at Chapel Hill Ophthalmology and Dr. Wood for providing such an excellent care.

Joseph C., October 18, 2018

Since April 19, I have had cataract surgery on my left eye, cataract surgery on my right eye, a procedure to remove scar tissue on my left eye, and lens repositioning on my left eye.  So, I’ve been pretty busy keeping your office and Dr. Wood busy!  So, my “testimonial” has more to say about the quality of the follow-up care I have received than the magic of the “premium” interocular lenses I chose to have implanted.

When my ophthalmologist of 47 years retired, finding a highly trained ophthalmologist in the Triangle area was not a problem; however, finding an ophthalmology practice that would offer a high standard of personalized, compassionate care seemed to me a daunting challenge.  After months of searching, I decided to try Chapel Hill Ophthalmology.

I felt right at home the moment I walked into the office for my initial visit.  The staff was friendly, efficient, and professional.  On my next visit, we began discussing cataract surgery for both eyes—that’s how comfortable I felt with my new ophthalmologist, Dr. John Wood and his team.  They took the time I needed to discuss my options for intraocular lens implants (“premium” lens versus “standard” lenses), and afterwards I felt confident in my decision to go with the “premium” lenses.  I have not regretted that decision.  It was amazing to wake up from surgery and see clearly without the aid of contact lenses or glasses for the first time since childhood!  The premium intraocular lenses are truly amazing, as they adjust from fairly up close vision to distance vision just like my natural lenses did!  

The real value of the Chapel Hill Ophthalmology team came to light two weeks after surgery when my left eye suddenly became very blurry.  The team was most reassuring, and quickly got me a return appointment with Dr. Wood.  Dr. Wood’s compassion and expertise gave me confidence that the problem would be resolved—and indeed, it was! 

I commend Chapel Hill Ophthalmology for their expert care and can see why the practice has won so many awards.  I know I made the right decision in choosing them to care for my eyes.

Most sincerely and gratefully,


Hillsborough, NC   -   June 2018

I am writing to tell you how happy I am with the success of Dr. Wood’s treatment of eye floaters using the YAG laser (vitreolysis). I have had a large, fuzzy floater in my right eye for at least a dozen years which was persistently in my line of sight. It was moderately bothersome while reading, working on a computer (my day job), or driving – I would have to roll my eyes to get it out of the way so I can see clearly out of that eye for a few seconds until it repositioned itself back into my line of sight.
Over these last dozen or so years I have asked my eye doctors how these could be treated, and the response was always a shrug or “nothing we can do.” Separately I am aware of the vitrectomy procedure which a friend of mine has had in both eyes to great effect. I had been working my way up to having a vitrectomy, but the benefit/risk/cost profile of vitrectomy was not something I could get fully comfortable with. I was, therefore, thrilled when I learned of vitreolysis, its effectiveness, relative lack of risks, and its affordability. My first treatment with your clinic resulted in a marked improvement in my right eye such that virtually all of that big, fuzzy cloud is now gone. I have not seen this well out of my right eye in a long time! Thank you very much for doing this.

Anonymous, PhD, Chapel Hill, NC

Yesterday, I called CHO to tell them i was seeing bright yellow flashes and some floaters in my left eye. The receptionist immediately transferred me to a technician, who told me to come to the office in a half hour. I was there in about 15 minutes, and was taken right back. While getting settled, she mentioned that i hadn’t had my annual checkup yet, and proceeded to do just that (at no additional cost, unlike one of the other reviewers). I was confident that she had been trained to help figure out whether my vision had changed. Within minutes after the annual checkup, I was dilated and in another room where Dr. Wood came in just a few minutes, along with another technician.

He shined bright lights, and poked and prodded my eye (again like another reviewer) but in a painless way (in fact I complimented him on his ‘touch”) and reported what he was seeing to the technician, He was polite and pleasant, but very business like, which i would expect from a seasoned professional. Fortunately, I didn’t have detached retina, which is a cause of the flashes, and he explained what he was doing after he was finished, which was perfectly fine with me.

I didn’t need a new prescription, but stopped to see the optician on the way out to clean and adjust my glasses. I have been a patient for about 20 years, and have NEVER experienced any of the behavior that was described by another of the reviewers. He and his staff are extremely friendly and professional, and I wasn’t charged for the adjustments to two pairs of glasses.

I’ll admit that I was really worried when the Hales retired, and they have had a few doctors roll through since then, but I couldn’t have been more pleased with the care that I received from Dr. Wood and the rest of the staff at CHO. Count me as a very satisfied patient.

David H. - Chapel Hill, NC - 12/11/2012

  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Wood for many years and have been extremely satisfied with the care I've received by him, and his staff. I recently had cataract surgery with Dr. Wood, and I chose to have a dropless procedure of an antibiotic shot in the eye following surgery, so that I wouldn't have to do the series of antibiotic eye drops for several days. It was truly amazing! I never felt the shot and I had no pain. The only slight inconvenience was that I had some floaters for a week (I'm prone to have floaters), but I much prefer that over having to do the eye drops for several days!"
    Kay D , Chapel Hill - Aug 2018
  • "Over the years, Dr. Wood and the whole staff of Wood Wizards have demonstrated a high caliber of professional acumen and kindness. And now, all these years later, cataract surgery has gone brilliantly well in the hands of this fine group. Thank you all."
    E.C. April 2018
  • "I had cataract surgery in January 2018 for both eyes using Crystalens replacement lens. Dr. Wood and his team are amazing and my results are beyond my expectations! I no longer need glasses fulltime and my vision is clearer than I can ever remember. I can read most small print without aid, drive at night again, and my distance vision is 20/20. I told Dr. Wood I can see a speck of lint on my carpet now, worth every penny!!! Thank you, Chapel Hill Ophthalmology!"
    Sincerely, Kelly C April 2018
  • "LASIK was without a doubt the best way I have ever spent money. It is truely a life changer! My whole life I wore glasses, and the freedom of not having them is wonderful. I used to see 20/500 and was very near sighted. Dr. Wood corrected my vision to 20/15 in both eyes! The procedure has its risks, but they are far outweighed by the benefits. There are so many things in the world that I had never seen before. If you are nervous at all in considering this procedure, don't be! It is well worth it and a great life investment."
    Alex L. age 25 , Happily Glasses-Free
  • "I wore contacts for almost 30 years. My vision was so bad that I always kept a pair of glasses on my nightstand so I could grab them as I got out of bed. A year ago I decided to get Lasik surgery and see Dr. Wood. Now, one year later, my vision is still 20/15 in both eyes and I can see perfectly without glasses or corrective lenses. Not only can I see the tops of the trees - I can see the leaves at the tops of the trees! Being able to see my surroundings without glasses or contacts is amazing and priceless. I am completely satisfied with my decision to pursue Lasik and the results provided by Dr. Wood and his staff."
    JH - 12/01/2017
  • "Dr. Wood is fantastic. He's one of the few ophthalmologists I've encountered over the years who is accepting and understanding of my preference for monovision contact lenses and eyeglasses. From our first meeting, he trusted that I knew my eyes and comfort level best and did not try to convince me to try something different, as others sometimes did. In addition, because my contact lenses are so specialized, this practice spent considerable one-on-one time with me to locate the correct specialty replacement lenses. I'm extremely happy with Chapel Hill Ophthalmology Clinic and their associated optical group!"
    MF - 06/26/2017
  • "As a retired Ophthalmologist, I feel confident in expressing my opinion in regard to Dr. John H. Wood and Chapel Hill Ophthalmology. Dr. Wood is an accomplished Physician and Surgeon who recently performed cataract surgery on me with great success. The procedure along with pre and postoperative care went very smoothly. Dr. Wood was pleasant and friendly and answered my questions readily (yes, I had a few). The office staff was likewise friendly, competent and answered questions. I take pleasure in recommending the services of Dr. John H. Wood and Chapel Hill Ophthalmology for Medical and Surgical eye care."
    David S. Robbin, M. D. - 05/16/17
  • "Dr. Wood has been my ophthalmologist for some twenty years and I have always had great respect for him. However, in the past three months, I underwent cataract surgery and my admiration for him multiplied immeasurably. The entire surgical experience was executed so expertly that I can think of nothing that might have been improved upon. Dr. Wood set the tone with his skilled reputation and warm, caring, patient-oriented approach. His attitude permeates the institution and is expressed in the performance of each member of the staff. The ultimate result is the image of Chapel Hill Ophthalmology. Thank you."
    John Modisett - 01/24/2017
  • "Getting LASIK was one of the best decisions I have made, and it was certainly worth every penny. Dr. Wood and his staff were extremely professional in their care and walked me through each step in the process. They truly made it a stress free process. I couldn’t believe how fast the procedure was completed and how short the recovery time was. I have recommended Dr. Wood to family members and would recommend him to anyone looking to have eye correction surgery done."
    Parker G. - RTP, NC - 09/2016
  • "I had a fantastic experience with LASIK with Dr. Wood and his team! The results have been fantastic, with very minimal minor side effects after the surgery, which disappeared within weeks. I now have 20/20 vision for the first time in 20 years, and it has been well-worth every penny! Dr. Wood’s team is fantastic, and were incredibly friendly, helpful, and informative during every step of the process, from pre-consultation to post-surgery followup. I highly recommend LASIK with Dr. Wood."
    L.S. - Chapel Hill, NC
  • "Great service and caring, professional doctors who are focused on your issue rather than pushing product. My go to for eye-care needs in Chapel Hill."
    Scott L. - 05/2016
  • "I was very nervous about having LASIK surgery done, but I’m very glad I did. Dr. Wood and his staff at Chapel Hill Ophthalmology were so nice and my vision is excellent!!"
    Tracy T, Mebane, NC - 02/2016
  • "Thanks to Dr. Wood, the vision in my left eye is remarkably improved. I had a large floater causing visual impairment in my daily activities such as driving, reading, and working at the computer. My left eyesight is now distinctly clearer and brighter as a result of the Floater Ablation procedure."
    E.W., Mebane, NC
  • "Glad to say a few words about my experience of having Dr. Wood perform laser surgery on my eyes in order to eliminate, or reduce, the “floaters” that have plagued me for three or four years. The procedure was painless, lasted about fifteen minutes, was stress free, but most importantly, after two follow-ups (as expected), my “floaters” are nearly imperceptible to me. Hooray! My trust and thanks to Dr. Wood. He’s my man!"
    Scott P, Chapel Hill, NC - 08/2015
  • "I use Dr. Wood at Chapel Hill Ophthalmology. He is an ophthalmologist. I last saw him for a yearly eye exam.
    He spends time with you, he does a thorough exam, and he is very good and he is able to give full service. If you need surgery or anything like that, you are able to get it done by one person."
    RH - Chapel Hill, NC - 05/02/15
  • "The staff is always nice and friendly, very professional and greets you with a smile! They do a fantastic job of checking in on you even if your waiting for the doctor. Dr Wood is one of the best when it comes to patient care and finding a solution to an issue. Dr Wood does a thorough job with checking in on the patient, whether it for a appointment or after surgery. He takes the time to explain things to you so you understand the process. He even will take time out on the weekends to come into the office to make sure your doing OK after a procedure! Hands Down a fantastic Doctor! I would recommend him and his staff to anyone needing eye help! Thank you for doing a fantastic job! I wish all doctors offices had such a wonderful caring staff!"
    Margaret D. - Durham, NC - 09/16/14
  • "Chapel Hill Ophthalmology is a great place. I see Dr. John Wood, and he closely monitors changes in my eyes. I feel that Dr. Wood and the staff (eg, Chris and Lindsay) really care about how my eyes are doing, and I always feel that I am receiving excellent care."
    Larry K - Chapel Hill, NC - 5/8/2014
  • "Dr. Wood removed a pterygium from my left eye last month. It had been there for over a decade and was beginning to interfere with my eyesight. He performed the procedure competently and followed up on a regular basis. I am happy with the outcome of the surgery and the foliow-up appointments. I have improved eyesight in my left eye as a result of the surgery. Staff was professional and friendly. I didn’t hesitate to ask questions along the way."
    Susan H. - Chapel Hill, NC - 04/27/2014
  • "I received professional and courteous service from everyone. I would recommend this practice to anyone. Dr Wood was very professional, and my outcome was excellent."
    Jeanette W. - Chapel Hill, NC - 12/25/2013
  • "I had cataract surgery a few years ago and since developed a cloud over my vision that was making it really hard to read. Dr John Wood performed the procedure that did away with that scare tissue and now my vision is wonderful. Hats off to Dr Wood and his wonderful staff…. By the way the Halloween decorations are wonderful and very festive…"
    Robery P. - Mebane, NC - 09/29/12
  • "Came in on Saturday with 10 minute notice to take care of my wife. First time calling. Sweet. Professional. Personable. Thank you!"
    Kevin M. - Seattle, WA - 8/29/2012
  • "I have been a patient at Chapel Hill Ophthalmology for over 2 years now. I have always found the service to be wonderful. For starters, any place you have to wait throughout their offices, televisions play DVD’s of great movies and old tv shows to help any waiting time go more quickly. I find all the staff there to be wonderful, informative and pleasant. Dr Wood is my Dr. He has a great personality and explains everything in layman’s terms. As for the Opticians, I truly enjoy working with Marcia. She is very helpful. I had a hard time getting the right contacts for my eyes. She let me return contacts that weren’t fitting my eyes 2 times until we got the correct pair for my eye shape. Her patience was amazing.

    They are a great organization."
    Joseph N. - Chapel Hill, NC - 4/14/2011
  • "I first used CHO when I was a student at UNC, and returned to them when I moved back to the area several years ago. The doctors are excellent and experienced. Whenever I have had an eye issue (thank goodness, seldom), they worked me into the schedule quickly and usually that day. The optical shop is terrific. David, Marcia, and the rest of the team are knowledgeable and, thank goodness, have a great sense of humor for folks like me who are always doing something to get their frames bent out of shape (which is why I know so many by name!). They help with picking out the best frames for your needs and what looks best on you if you can’t decide. As you can tell, I’ve been a long-term satisfied patient there and wouldn’t go anywhere else!"
    Cindy W. - Chapel Hill, NC - 03/21/2011
  • "Dear Dr. Wood,

    I would like to thank you and your staff for your excellent spirits and services during my visit to your facility. My surgery was a success and my recovery is going well, free of any complications.

    Thank you once again.

    Respectfully Submitted,"
    Mrs. Clara B. - Snow Camp, NC - March 6, 2011
  • "I have not been to the practice when Dr. Hale was there and therefore cannot make a comparison between the two . However, I have been to this practice several times to see Dr. Wood. The technician who helped me was thorough and explained the procedure well (since I only know the basics of the eye). Dr. Wood was quick but thorough with his visit, the technician did several tests for him to make my visit swift and pleasant. It also helped that my eyes are in relatively good shape. He wasn’t super chatty, which was nice, and kept the visit professional. Overall I was pleased with my visit, the opticians took the measurements quickly and precisely, double-checked with my contact use and solution, I came prepared with prescription boxes and didn’t need new glasses this year according to Dr. Wood."
    Colleen F. - Durham, NC - 12/30/2010
  • "I have been at this location a number of times and the Staff and Doctors at Chapel Hill Ophthalmology have always been VERY pleasant, knowledgeable and caring! This is the only place that I will go to obtain services and glasses."
    Sandy F. - Durham, NC - 12/29/2010
  • "Great Doctor and office Upon arriving to office I had severe eye pain and very blurry vision. Dr. McLean and office staff were great. Feeling and seeing much better – one more visit and I will be back to normal."
    LF - Chapel Hill, NC - Feb 16, 2010
  • "I’ve been a patient of this practice for nearly 20 years and found it to be the best and most professional Ophthalmology Clinic in Chapel Hill and in the Research Triangle area. My doctor is Dr. Carmen McLean and she is outstanding. I used to see Dr. Robert Hale (He and Dr. Leslie Hale have retired). Dr. McLean and Dr. John Wood, who has been with the practice for many years, are continuing the excellent services provided to this large practice. It is also a pleasure to use the practice modern, well-equipped, and professional optical shop. Their prices FREE38NDBCare reasonable and I’ve always received top-notch services from their staff."
    Ross P - Durham, NC - 12/29/2009


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Over the years, Dr. Wood and the whole staff of Wood Wizards have demonstrated a high caliber of professional acumen and kindness. And now, all these years later, cataract surgery has gone brilliantly well in the hands of this fine group. Thank you all."
    E.C. April 2018
  • "Great service and caring, professional doctors who are focused on your issue rather than pushing product. My go to for eye-care needs in Chapel Hill."
    Scott L. - 05/2016