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While routine eye exams are often conducted by optometrists, ophthalmologists utilize them in a more comprehensive and specialized way. An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor specializing in all aspects of eye care, including diagnosing and treating eye diseases, performing surgery, and prescribing medications. If you are interested in eye surgery or eye exams from an ophthalmologist near you, we at Chapel Hill Ophthalmology in Chapel Hill, NC.

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Comprehensive Examinations for Diagnosis

These in-depth examinations enable ophthalmologists to diagnose a broad spectrum of eye conditions, including:

•             Cataracts: Clouding of the lens, causing blurry vision and light sensitivity.

•             Macular degeneration: Age-related deterioration of the macula, leading to central vision loss.

•             Diabetic retinopathy: Damage to the blood vessels in the retina due to diabetes.

•             Glaucoma: A group of eye diseases that damage the optic nerve, often with no early symptoms.

•             Corneal diseases: Conditions affecting the clear front surface of the eye.

Early and accurate diagnosis is crucial for effective treatment and preventing vision loss. Ophthalmologists' expertise in performing and interpreting eye exams allows for timely intervention and improved patient outcomes.

Monitoring Treatment Progress

Eye exams are also essential tools for ophthalmologists to monitor the effectiveness of treatment plans. Following surgery, for example, regular exams track healing progress and identify any potential complications. For chronic conditions like glaucoma, eye exams allow ophthalmologists to adjust medication or treatment strategies based on ongoing assessment.

Get an Eye Exam from an Ophthalmologist Near You on Our Ophthalmology Team

Regular eye exams with an ophthalmologist may be vital for maintaining optimal eye health, especially for individuals with risk factors for eye disease or those experiencing vision changes. At Chapel Hill Ophthalmology, our team of experienced and board-certified ophthalmologists utilizes advanced different diagnostic tools to provide comprehensive eye care services. We cater to the unique needs of each patient, ensuring accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and ongoing monitoring.

Don't wait for vision problems to arise. Schedule a comprehensive eye exam with our team at Chapel Hill Ophthalmology today. Contact us at (919) 942-8701 or visit our website to book your appointment and invest in the long-term health of your eyes. Call us for an eye exam from an ophthalmologist on our ophthalmology team.


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    E.C. April 2018
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