We at Chapel Hill Ophthalmology are dedicated to helping you find the vision correction option you want and need, to see clearly and feel confident at work, during hobbies, and handling daily life tasks. If you're in the Chapel Hill, NC, area and interested in eyeglasses, or need an eye exam to determine if your vision requires correction, we are here to help you get the information and treatment you need.


An Eye Exam Will Provide Important Information

If you aren't seeing as clearly as you used to and you're wondering if you need eyeglasses, an eye exam is the first step. By working with an ophthalmologist and having an eye examination, you can find out whether your vision needs correction. You'll also get information about your eye health to make sure you don't have an eye condition or disease that needs monitoring or treatment.

Prescription Eyeglasses to Meet Your Needs

Prescription eyeglasses are a common and convenient choice for vision correction. They can be updated as your vision changes and you can choose from a lot of different colors and styles. The results of your eye exam will show what level of prescription you need and then you can work with our staff to choose the eyeglasses that fit the shape of your face and feel comfortable.

Choose Designer Eyeglasses for a Great New Look

If you want to elevate your look or showcase a particular sense of style, designer eyeglasses can help. If you're into fashion and want to change up your look frequently, you can have more than one pair of eyeglasses to fit your sense of style on any given day.

An Ophthalmologist on Our Team Is Here to Help

No matter what frames you choose or how much vision correction you need, an ophthalmologist on our team  is here to help make sure you see clearly and have healthy eyes. Getting eyeglasses can make all kinds of tasks easier and more enjoyable, because being able to have clear, sharp vision is important.

Get an Eye Exam, Prescription Eyeglasses, and Designer Eyeglasses from Ophthalmologist Our Team

If you're in the Chapel Hill, NC, area, contact us at Chapel Hill Ophthalmology for the prescription eyeglasses and designer eyeglasses you are looking for. We can start with an exam and then help you pick out eyeglasses that suit your style and meet your needs, so you can enjoy them for the long term and experience better vision at the same time. Call us at (919) 942-8701 for eye care from an “ophthalmologist near me.”


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Over the years, Dr. Wood and the whole staff of Wood Wizards have demonstrated a high caliber of professional acumen and kindness. And now, all these years later, cataract surgery has gone brilliantly well in the hands of this fine group. Thank you all."
    E.C. April 2018
  • "Great service and caring, professional doctors who are focused on your issue rather than pushing product. My go to for eye-care needs in Chapel Hill."
    Scott L. - 05/2016