Eye and Vision Exam FAQs

Time for your next eye care exam? Or does your child need vision tests? These kinds of exams are vital parts of having healthy eyes and vision!

Are you looking for an eye doctor near you? At Chapel Hill Ophthalmology, our eye doctors offer pediatric eye exams, sight examinations for adults, and other services. We’ll walk you through some FAQs about these exams, so you’ll know what to expect when visiting our Chapel Hill, NC, office!

Eye and Vision Exam

How Often Do I Need Vision and Eye Exams?

That can depend on several different factors, like your age and whether you have any eye conditions or risks. In general, we may recommend:

•           Every 2 years or more for adults under 65

•           Annually for adults 65 and over

•           Annually for kids

•           More often if you or your kids are at risk for vision or eye problems

What Should I Bring With Me?

When visiting our eye doctor near you for an exam, bring your current eyewear prescription and any lenses you wear. Make a list of any medication you take, including over the counter and prescription. Our ophthalmologist might need to check these if you need medication for eye conditions.

Why Are These Visits Important?

Many eye conditions or vision changes can happen without any noticeable signs. You might not realize that your vision has gotten worse since your last checkup, for example. You might have early signs of damage from glaucoma or other diseases.

Seeing our ophthalmologist near you means you can have your eyes and vision evaluated. These exams can also help identify early signs of diabetes and other medical conditions. Have concerns about your sight? Bring them up during your exam to make our eye doctor aware of them.

What Happens During These Exams?

You’ll have your vision and eye health checked. This usually includes:

•           Visual acuity tests with reading charts

•           Refraction tests to determine lens prescriptions

•           Tests for glaucoma or other eye diseases as needed

•           Tests to check eye movement and focusing

•           Dilation to examine internal eye structures for evidence of damage

•           Vision tests to detect pediatric eye problems

Visit Our Eye Doctors in Chapel Hill, NC, for Eye and Vision Tests

Do you need an ophthalmologist near you for sight examinations? We’re glad to help! Call (919) 942-8701 to set up an appointment for an eye care exam at Chapel Hill Ophthalmology. We do adult and pediatric eye exams for the whole family!


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