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The eyes, much like other parts of the body such as teeth, vital organs, and weight, can benefit from regular monitoring and checkups. Comprehensive eye exams can fulfill that role and can play an important part in identifying issues that may arise over time. Eye diseases might not present symptoms to the patient in their earlier stages. The good news is that these eye diseases can be detected early with the help of an eye exam. If you need eye care from an ophthalmologist in Chapel Hill, NC, we at Chapel Hill Ophthalmology are here to help. Although we do not have an optometrist at our practice, we can provide the same kind an optometrist can provide and more. 

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Why Eye Exams Matter

One aim of comprehensive eye exams and vision assessments is to ensure the proper functioning of a patient's eyes, both now and for the foreseeable future. When an eye disease is starting to develop, early intervention offers a significant advantage in preventing serious complications down the line. Early detection becomes even more of a concern as a patient gets older as well.

Examples of Eye Exam Benefits

Conditions like diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma often lack noticeable symptoms early on. These conditions, to make matters worse, both have the potential to cause vision loss over time. Eye exams are critical for identifying changes in the eye so that these conditions can get the treatment that they need, potentially preventing vision loss.

What Eye Exams Can Check for

Various types of eye exams vision testing can be employed to address different situations. We may use eye charts in vision testing if we believe you have a refractive error or we may use other tests to detect eye diseases, depending on what we are checking for. We may, for example, check the pressure in your eyes if we are looking for glaucoma. We may also check the blood vessels in your eye if we believe you might have diabetic retinopathy.

Get Comprehensive Eye Exams and Vision Testing from an Ophthalmologist on Our Team

If you need vision testing by an ophthalmologist in Chapel Hill, NC, as well as comprehensive eye exams, it's time to call us at Chapel Hill Ophthalmology. Our team provides eye exam and vision testing services as well as eye surgery treatment as well. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We can provide a wide range of prevention and treatment under one roof. Call us at (919) 942-8701 for more information.

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